Peterson's thoughts about short rest

As the Yankees and Phillies get set for Game 6 of the World Series, I wanted to note two stories filed yesterday as part of our World Series coverage that included some thoughts from new Brewers pitching coach Rick Peterson. Jennifer Langosch solicited feedback from around baseball about the Yankees’ use of a three-man rotation against the Phillies, and John Schlegel wrote about an issue near but not-so-dear to Brewers fan’s hearts: The general shortage of pitching in baseball.

Both stories were buried amid the mountain of coverage from yesterday’s workout at Yankee Stadium, so I wanted to call them out to those of you Brewers fans who have been following. Peterson, who continues to work on a side venture — 3P Sports — that helps pitchers avoid injuries, had interesting thoughts in both stories.

“The Yankees have a definite need,” Peterson told me for the short-rest story.
“They don’t have a fourth starter. If we were talking about a couple of
years ago and [Chien-Ming] Wang was coming off 19 wins, they would go
with four starters, I guarantee it. But they don’t have a choice right
now, because they only have three guys, and they made sure those three
had ample rest coming down the stretch.”

One of those guys is lefty Andy Pettitte, who was scheduled to start Game 6 as the Yankees tried to clinch.


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