Brewers dispute Orlando report

A report from an Orlando television station that the Brewers could someday move to central Florida is “ridiculous,” the team’s chief spokesperson said Saturday. 

The story from WFTV said Armando Gutierrez, a Florida real estate developer who is running for Congress, is assembling a group of investors to begin discussions about luring a Major League franchise to Orlando. Gutierrez did not specifically mention the Brewers as a target but WFTV reporter Mark Boyle did, speculating that, “one team that could possibly relocate is the Milwaukee Brewers.”
Totally untrue, Brewers vice president of communications Tyler Barnes said. 
“The reporter or whoever else is putting that out there should do his homework,” Barnes said. “It’s irresponsible. We just finished ninth in attendance, we have one of the best ballparks in baseball and an owner who is totally committed to the [Milwaukee] area. 
“That report is beyond hilarious. I needed a good laugh today, and I got it.”
More than three million fans have passed through the turnstiles at Miller Park in each of the past two seasons and the Brewers ranked ninth of the 30 Major League teams in attendance in 2009.
The team’s lease at Miller Park runs through Dec. 31, 2030 and includes a nonrelocation agreement. 
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Haha, at first I thought this was about a rumor of moving the spring training operations to Orlando, which is outlandish in its own right. It is beyond ridiculous to even think of the possibility of the entire franchise moving.

Let’s see. The Brewers would move from a city that has drawn 3 million the last two seasons, to go to FLA where the only baseball people actually attend, is in March. What’s with these FLA politicians?

I swear where do these reporters write these false storys. I mean seroiusly. The brewers draw enough fans and miller park is a good ballpark for the fans. That reporter from that florida tv station needs to get is facts right.

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