Narveson, Scarpetta agree to terms

Pitchers Chris Narveson and Cody Scarpetta agreed to terms on 2010 contracts Wednesday, leaving the Brewers with 15 players still unsigned on the 40-man roster. 

The signings were something of a formality. Both Narveson and Scarpetta are so-called “zero-to-three” players who are under club control but must nonetheless negotiate contracts each year. The Brewers pay such players according to a set system that rewards statistical performance and league awards to avoid situations in which Player A feels slighted after learning about Player B’s contract. 
If the sides are unable to strike a deal, the team may renew the contract at a salary of its choosing. Players don’t get a measure of control over the process until they qualify for salary arbitration, which usually means racking up three years of Major League service. 
The Brewers are counting outfielder Corey Hart, who has an arbitration hearing scheduled for Thursday, as a signed player, so here are the 15 members of the 40-man roster who remain unsigned:
Axford, John
Butler, Josh
Cain, Lorenzo
Escobar, Alcides
Estrada, Marco
Gallardo, Yovani
Heether, Adam
Inglett, Joe
Iribarren, Hernan
Kottaras, George
Lofgren, Chuck
McGehee, Casey
Parra, Manny
Periard, Alex
Stetter, Mitch
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I am glad to see Chris and Cody coming back I think they have potential from what I saw of them in Nashville. They need to get Heether signed and give him his shot in the bigs. I know they will get Escobar done and Parra and the rest. Ax should be a great addition to the bullpen this ear too; him and Hoffman would be a great 1-2 punch.

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