Edmonds contract details

Get out your calculators, I’ve got some details on Jim Edmonds’ contract with the Brewers. 
It was a Minor League deal with an invitation to big league camp, so Edmonds must win a roster spot first. If he does, his Major League base salary would be $850,000. 
Then come the performance incentives, and there are a lot of them. Edmonds would get $115,000 for each of 200, 225, 250, 275, 300, 325, 350, 375, 400 and 425 plate appearances, plus $200,000 for each of 475, 500 and 525 plate appearances. All told, that adds up to $1.75 million in incentives, meaning Edmonds could top out at $2.6 million if he plays for the Brewers all season and steps to the plate 525 times or more. 
More likely, he would earn something in the middle. In his last season, 2008, Edmonds had 298 plate appearances for the Padres and Cubs. In the three seasons prior to that, he had 401, 411 and 408 plate appearances for the Cardinals.
Edmonds’ deal also has the usual awards bonuses, including a $100,000 payout for winning Comeback Player of the Year. And, as was reported when he signed, Edmonds can opt out of the deal if he’s not added to Milwaukee’s Major League roster on March 25.  
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