Brewers scale back Autograph Friday

“Autograph Fridays” will be a kids-only affair in 2010, the Brewers announced today. 
The team scaled back its promotion from every Friday home game to one Friday per month for the coming season, and said that autographs would be limited to kids 14 and under only. The dates are April 9, May 14, June 25, July 23 and August 27. 
“With the popularity of these sessions, our priority is to ensure that children have opportunities to obtain autographs from the players and coaches,” Brewers Executive Vice President of Business Operations Rick Schlesinger said. “Other events, such as Brewers Block Parties and Brewers On Deck, will present opportunities for fans of all ages to obtain autographs.”
Approximately six to eight Brewers players, coaches and alumni will participate in the autograph sessions. 
Four of the Kids Autograph Fridays — May 14, June 25, July 23 and August 27 — will occur on 40th Anniversary weekends and will feature alumni participants.  Players will sign from 5:45-6:05 p.m. CT and kids and their parents can enter Miller Park through any gate and continue towards the Field Level concourse autograph stations located on the warning track from dugout to dugout.  Parents/guardians may line up with their child but will not receive an autograph.  
In another change from past seasons, the Brewers will not release the list of players and coaches for each Friday event in advance. A list of participants and their specific signing locations will be posted on the Miller Park video board when the gates open.
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BOOOOO What about those of us who have to drive a VERY long distance to get to these extra events and can’t afford the gas money?? This really SUCKS!

We pay to get into the games just for these autograph sessions and now we can’t even get the autographs?

Come on, we are fans too, why limit it to the kiddies, this is so unfair, we can’t all afford to go to these extra sessions, we aren’t all rich, this just isn’t right. My daughter and son are HUGE fans of the Brewers as is the rest of our family, we should be allowed to get the autographs just like those kids are.

This is really a BIG disappointment to us and all fans of the Brewers. Of course then again, they are “high class people” and I guess us lower class aren’t good enough to be in touch with them any more.

It only figures that this would happen eventually. How sad.

I have absolutely no problem with them making the regular Autograph Fridays for kids. However including the 40th Anniversary is something I don’t agree with. That’s secluding the fans that have supported the team all these decades. I worshipped Greg Vaughn when I was in early grade school. Now I don’t have the opportunity to meet him. It doesn’t make sense to have kids meet players they know nothing about. Very disappointing.

This is really too bad, typical of big business forgetting what got them there and what made them great. Milwaukee has the best fans in the country. I can say this because I lived in San Diego, San Francisco, Seattle, Tampa, and now in the DC area and grew up in Racine. When the Braves left town the Milwaukee fan base shifted the cubs or to the white sox. When the Brewers came to town they all came back. When baaseball went on strike the Brewers fan’s came back and during the lean post selig years the fan’s remained strong. Miami, Tampa, Phoenix, San Diego all struggle in good years and they draw no one in a bad year. But the Brewer faithful remain strong. Limit the access to one Friday a month will do long term damage to future generations of brewer fans. Once a month really come on 6 times in the whole year! 2 hours! Unannounced players? This is not the way to keep the faith with future generation of baseball fans. Why does big business always forget what’s important. I’m sure glad I live in Norfolk Triple A ball still appreciates the fans.

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