Hart 'eying' a comeback

Corey Hart needs glasses. Wouldn’t it be nice if that simple fix is all he needs to return to the good old days?
“I probably should have used glasses last year,” said Hart. “The first few years in the big leagues, maybe I guessed right. I didn’t guess right last year.”
Truth be told, there is more to Hart’s comeback plan than corrective lenses. The right fielder had a forgettable 2009 season and then something of a tumultuous offseason during which he became the first Brewers player to go to an arbitration hearing in 12 years. Hart won, so he will earn $4.8 million this season while perhaps playing with the proverbial target on his back.
“I’m anxious to go out there and prove to everybody that I’m worth it,” Hart said. “Last year, it wasn’t terrible, but it obviously wasn’t my best. I told Doug [Melvin, the Brewers’ general manager] and Gord [Ash, the assistant GM] that I want to go out and prove to them that I’m a guy who could get a long-term deal. I love Milwaukee, my family loves it, and we want to stay. The fan base has been really good to me, and the ones who are mad, hopefully I can win them back over.”
Perhaps the eyeglasses will help. Hart says contact lenses are “out the window,” so he is considering wearing goggles, like former Brewers reliever Eric Gagne. Hopefully, Hart’s will have a better anti-fog mechanism.
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