Macha on Braddock: 'Overpowering'

Some notes from Ken Macha’s morning meeting with reporters:

Asked for his assessment so far of left-handed pitching prospect Zach Braddock, Macha started with one word: “Overpowering.”
“‘Stuff’ is not going to keep him out of the big leagues,” Macha said. “He’s got explosive stuff. It’s a matter of putting it where he wants to. This is a guy who could contribute before the year is over.”
Brewers officials have had internal discussions whether Braddock fits as a starter or a reliever.  For now, Macha would slot him into the latter category. 
“When you evaluate all pitchers, you try to look at his equipment and I don’t think he has anything soft,” Macha said. “I would put him more in the reliever category at this time.”
There is enough pitching for five innings of intrasquad baseball on Wednesday at Maryvale Baseball Park, with Dave Bush and Manny Parra scheduled to start. For fans in the area, the game will probably begin at 12: 30 p.m. or 1 p.m. MST. 
Don’t expect any big changes with pitchers’ schedules early in the Cactus League. They will work two or three innings on a pitch count in their first outings. 
Macha will break the catchers in camp into two groups of three at the start of Cactus League games, and the groups will alternate each day. Gregg Zaun and George Kottaras are lined up as the “lead guys,” backed up by Jonathan Lucroy and Matt Treanor and then Martin Maldonado and Angel Salome. 
“The reason it’s ranked like that is manager’s discretion,” Macha said. “That’s the way I rank them. Can that be rearranged? Absolutely. Everybody will get an opportunity.”
It’s an important camp for Salome, who remains a top Brewers prospect but missed an opportunity to impress Macha because of a back injury. 
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