Successful debut for Capuano

In his first big league game in two years, Chris Capuano worked a scoreless fifth inning in Saturday’s Brewers-Giants game at Maryvale Baseball Park. He struck out the first two hitters he faced, surrendered a double to Andres Torres and then retired Fred Lewis with help from center fielder Jim Edmonds, who tracked down a long fly ball and made the catch just before crashing into the wall. 

Capuano went out for a second inning of work and stranded a pair of Giants baserunners.
“I’m happy for him because that’s a long, long road,” said Randy Wolf, who had Tommy John surgery in 2005. “Whenever you see a guy who works hard and wants to get back there … he’s one of those guys you root for. I had one Tommy John and I know how long of a road it is. To do it twice is really tough.”
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Wow! Talk about a piotsng knocking my socks off!

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