Counsell in the lineup

Infielder Craig Counsell, who was scratched from Saturday’s lineup with a stiff neck, is back in the mix for Sunday’s matinee in Scottsdale against the Giants. Prince Fielder and Ryan Braun are both off today.

Here’s the lineup, courtesy of Brewers PR man Mike Vassallo:
Carlos Gomez  CF
Craig Counsell  2B
Lorenzo Cain  RF
Casey McGehee  3B
Gregg Zaun  C
Adam Stern  LF
Steffan Wilson  1B
Joe Inglett  SS
Jeff Suppan  RHP
Aaron Rowand  CD
Edgar Renteria  SS
Pablo Sandoval  3B
Aubrey Huff  1B
Bengie Molina  C
Fred Lewis  LF
Juan Uribe  2B
Nate Schierholtz  RF
Jonathan Sanchez  LHP
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