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Poll five different sources and you will get five different projected payrolls for the Brewers in 2010, but the long-running USA Today database is one consistent measure of club expenditures throughout the years. The newspaper released its figures for 2010 on Monday, and the Brewers came in with the 18th-highest payroll of 30 Major League teams, with salaries totaling $81,108,278.
That’s a club record by the publication’s count, up from the Brewers’ $80,937,499 Opening Day payroll in 2008. Last season, it came in at $80,182,502. 
The USA Today figure does not account for the $4 million in deferred salary for Randy Wolf, but the Brewers’ in-house payroll calculator would still come up with a significantly higher number. The newspaper doesn’t figure so-called “likely incentives” that add to player salaries, nor does it count money included in trades, like the $7-plus million of Red Sox infielder Bill Hall’s salary that the Brewers must pay this season. The Brewers also budget about $2 million for in-season call-ups and figure the cost of insurance policies on certain contracts. 
<i>USA Today</i> gets its figures from the MLB Players Association, club officials and Major League Baseball’s central office. The average MLB player salary, according to the publication, is $2.7 million, down from $3.2 million in 2009. Sixteen of the 30 teams say payrolls increase over last season, including the Brewers. 
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