OMG: Torre and Uecker are texting

A certain sports magazine might call it this week’s sign of the apocalypse: Joe Torre and Bob Uecker are trading text messages. 
Torre, the Dodgers manager and Uecker’s onetime Milwaukee Braves teammate and roommate, said he sent a get well message to Uecker via text after the Brewers broadcaster underwent heart surgery last week. 
Was Torre surprised to learn that the old-school Uecker was a texter?
“Not as surprised as I was to be texting,” Torre joked.
Uecker called his old friend Torre before making his health issue public, and it came as no surprise that he delivered sobering news with a touch of his trademark humor. 
“He’s been that way at least for the part of his life that I know him, which is back into the early 1960s,” Torre said. 
The Brewers have sent a pair of updates about Uecker’s recovery since his Friday surgery and so far all reports are positive. Fans who don’t have Uecker’s cell phone number to send him a text can still post their messages here and we’ll pass them along. 
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