Jenkins not quite ready to say 'retirement'

Even after putting feelers out to all 30 teams earlier this year and getting  nothing more than Minor League offers, former Brewers All-Star and Phillies World Series champ Geoff Jenkins still is not ready to utter the word retirement. 
He’s also being realistic. 
“I’m not saying it, but the writing’s on the wall,” he said Saturday, when the Phoenix-area resident visited with his old Brewers teammates before a game against the D-backs. 
Jenkins won a World Series ring with the Phillies in 2008 but was released by the team at the end of Spring Training in ’09. He sat out the season, then worked out all spring in hope of landing a job for 2010. No attractive offers ever came, so he’s moved on to focusing on family — Jenkins and his wife, Jennifer, have two young children — and his golf game. 
How’s this for a foursome: Jenkins said he golfs regularly with former White Sox outfielder Jermaine Dye, who is still looking for a job after an 81 RBI campaign in 2009, former Dodgers and Brewers reliever Eric Gagne, who tried a comeback with the Dodgers this spring before calling it quits, and former A’s and Cardinals left-hander Mark Mulder, whose rumored comeback with the Brewers never materialized earlier this year. 
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