On to Nashville for Capuano?

Rehabbing left-hander Chris Capuano pitched another solid Class A game on Friday night, when he worked five innings for Brevard County against Tampa and allowed one run on six hits for the win. He struck out five batters versus no walks, giving him 17 strikeouts and no walks in his three starts for the Manatees. 

Brewers GM Doug Melvin mentioned earlier in the week that Capuano may be bound for Triple-A Nashville after Friday’s start in Florida. I’m working to gather some information about the plan for Capuano, who is making a comeback from the second Tommy John surgery of his career. 
For now, Capunao is still officially listed on the Brevard County roster. 
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You know, it’s hard to be a fan who doesn’t live on the Island and keep tuning in to watch them blow 3rd poerid leads or get blown out by the Rangers. I’ve been a fan for 25 years and since 1993, they’ve given me nothing to really cheer for. I’m sure Wang and Snow will blame it on the arena, which I’ll give them as one of many reasons. But they fired two good coaches (Nolan and Laviolette) who both should still be behind the bench, and they can’t figure out that they need a top flight defenseman, who sure, can be overpaid, but they can’t keep picking speedy wingers in the draft. They should have gone with Hedman over Tavares, because they have enough scorers, but they can’t get any traction when they’re constantly behind 3-1 or 5-2. I had an inkling this morning that the Flyers jersey looks really classy, but I had to stop myself. I’ll never go over to the Rangers, but I want a team to root for that actually makes the play-offs. Hell, the Detroit Lions got it together in 3 years, why can’t the Islanders do it in 10?

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