Fischer on A's Braden: 'Never fearful'

Brewers third base coach Brad Fischer was in his final season as the Oakland A’s bullpen coach in 2007 when Dallas Braden, a confident young left-hander, arrived in the Majors. On Sunday, Fischer said he was happy to see Braden throw the 19th perfect game in Major League history. 
“He has to really pitch to do something that special,” Fischer said. “He’s not just going to go out and blow them away. The fact he put a whole game together like that is very impressive.”
Braden was a 24th round Draft pick of the A’s in 2004, during Ken Macha’s tenure as manager. But Macha, who was dismissed by the A’s after the 2006 season and now manages the Brewers, said he didn’t know Braden.
Fischer does, because he remained with the A’s for one more season after Macha’s departure. He remembers when Braden arrived in the big leagues in late 2007. 
What was Fischer’s first impression?
“I remember guys saying, ‘Who is this guy with his area code — 209 — written on his shoes?'” said Fischer, who learned that it was a nod to Braden’s upbringing in hardscrabble Stockton, Calif. “So right away some alarms went off. But he’s a good kid. …  
“I don’t think there was ever any doubt about his make-up. He’s a tough kid. He was never fearful, and I think that works to his benefit. I’m happy for him. They’re never going to be able to take that away.”
For all of’s coverage of Braden’s perfecto — hat tip to our Jane Lee — head over to the A’s site
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