Gomez improving despite DL move

Carlos Gomez made big strides in his recovery from knee and shoulder ailments on Tuesday, which ironically was his first full day on the disabled list. 

“But I understand,” Gomez said. “We need guys who are 100 percent healthy.”
Gomez’s assignment to the 15-day DL with a strained left rotator cuff was backdated to May 6, the day after he injured his shoulder diving back to second base at Dodger Stadium. The Brewers made the move after Monday’s loss to the Braves, when left fielder Ryan Braun was struck on the left elbow by a pitch. Braun was out of the lineup on Tuesday.
Outfielder Adam Stern replaced Gomez on the active roster. 
“I’m feeling pretty good,” Gomez said. “I feel better with my shoulder and my knee. Today was the first day that I did all of my running and my throwing in the outfield. But we need healthy players.”
Gomez will be eligible to return on May 19, when the Brewers begin a brief, two-game series in Pittsburgh. He has plenty of motivation to hit that target because the team travels two days later to Minnesota for an Interleague Series against the team that traded Gomez to Milwaukee in November. 
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