Macha responds to Fielder's frustration

Brewers manager Ken Macha does not mind that first baseman Prince Fielder vented some frustration about the team’s struggling pitching staff after another blowout loss Friday night. You can check out those comments by clicking here
But Macha would prefer that his players focus on their own job and let him worry about the big picture. 
“My thought about baseball is that everybody has got a job to do,” Macha said. “So you have to pay attention to your job and do that well, and when the day is done you have eight position players and the number of pitchers you used, and you add up what they did in their boxes and you either win or lose the game. 
“One thing that’s great about Prince is he takes it to heart when we lose. He really wants to be on a winning team, a winning organization. He strives to win. So as long as guys are paying attention to their little boxes and doing them properly, I think the wins and losses are going to be my responsibility in the end. He needs to continue to work to get to the numbers that he wants to, and if he does that, that’s taking care of his box and he’s going to help us win games. I think our pitching will get better.” 
Macha pointed to the Brewers’ three losses to the Braves, saying the team got “adequate” starting pitching. Before that, the starters pitched well in a three-game Brewers sweep of the D-backs. The bullpen has not pitched well of late, prompting the Brewers to add reliever John Axford on Saturday. 
“That’s my responsibility, and I will be held accountable for us winning or losing games,” Macha said. “I’m glad that I have a player on the field who’s my cleanup hitter and has a tremendous amount of concern about is winning or losing games. … That’s the manager’s job. It’s inherent to this position.
“I don’t want hitters looking at the pitchers or pitchers looking at the hitters. I said last night about the finger-pointing, there should be none of it going on. Everybody take care of what they can take care of. Let me worry about the other stuff.”
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1 Comment

It would seem that every team but the Reds are hurting in the NL Central. What!!
As far as were concerned we just need to get everyone in the dugout and the bullpen on the same page.
The gel of 2008 has severly worn off and left finger pointing. So, as a lifelong fan, I too will point fingers and say why are our outfielders not running after balls in the corners (jogging is bush league!) and Corey where is your head at?? A double and a run scored on a little league poke (Fri), cmon, your BETTER than that!

Where, oh, where have the real players gone
The guys with guts beards and hearts
When small salaries and wallbanging hits
Made us fans from the start.

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