Davis reunites with Brewers, could linger on DL

After a positive week of rest and light workouts, Brewers left-hander Doug Davis had a recurrence of chest pain on Monday night and conceded he might need more than the minimum 15 days on the disabled list. 

Davis is on the disabled list with pericarditis, an acute inflammation of the lining around the heart. The painful condition first struck in the wee hours of May 15 and Davis was placed on the 15-day disabled list the next day. He has been on a regimen of anti-inflammatory medication since then. 
“I think last night I regressed a little bit,” Davis said. “I couldn’t sleep because of the pain. But I took my painkillers and that was that. … It was a lot of pain to lay down and take deep breaths.”
Davis did not accompany the team on its just-completed road trip. After a check-up on Thursday he was cleared to play catch, and did so on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. He followed Sunday’s catch with a very light workout and felt fine most of Monday before experiencing chest pain at night.
He’s not sure when he’ll see the doctor next, or when he will be able to return to the mound.
“I wish I could give you a time frame,” Davis said. “I wish I had a time frame myself. My wife, my kids, everybody wishes that. It all depends on symptoms.”
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