Macha tired of 'negativism'

Even-keeled Brewers manager Ken Macha has had enough of the questions about his job security. 
He made that very clear during his daily afternoon briefing with reporters on Tuesday when asked about the weekend vote of confidence he received from Brewers principal owner Mark Attanasio. 
“I told you, I go about my job the same way, and that’s what I’m going to continue to do,” Macha said. “I’ve had a lot of success doing it this way. If you have a business, and you run your business successfully, and all of a sudden you get a little bit of a downtown, what do you do? Panic and change everything you’re doing, or continue the course? That’s what we’re going to do. We come out here every day to get these players ready to play. 
“Sunday was an exceptional day,” Macha said, referring to the Brewers’ win in Minnesota, “and to have any negative questions in this meeting today is poppycock. Because, we had a tough game on Friday, we a game where we battled back on Saturday against a team that is leading its division in the American League, at their ballpark, had a blown save, played extra innings and had everybody on the staff come in and volunteer to pitch innings, then come back and beat them Sunday. 
“That’s an incredible win. We should come home on a high and be positive and ready to turn this thing around. If we continue the negative thoughts and negativism, it’s not going to come around. All of the Brewers’ fans should be positive. I know my staff, myself, we’re positive. We have some things happening in our bullpen now. We’re going to try to correct the difficulties we’ve had. It should be a positive mood right now.
“That,” Macha told his questioner, “was your last question of the day.”
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Last year, in an early season game, Mr. Braun hit a home run in the first inning. Doesn’t matter when or against whom. As he entered the dugout, he passed Macha….. No look, no nod, no atta boy, no nothing! They ignored each other. I’ve seen this with other Brewers. Although the manager seems to have his players he relates to, the vast majority of the team, I believe, don’t like him and don’t respond to his coaching style. It’s time for a change, yes, if only for the sake of change. In WWII, George Patton had most of his Army pinned down in Italy. After listening to all the reasons and excuses for lack of progress on the front in staff meetings, he fired and replaced a good many of his field commanders, for the sake of change. They were all good and brave soldiers but their troops were not responding to them. Who said winning isn’t everything, it’s the only thing? Oh yea, Vince AND George!

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