Report: Loe's 'out' date is June 5

Triple-A Nashville starter Kameron Loe has a June 5 opt-out clause that would allow him to elect free agency, reported on Tuesday. When Loe signed with the Brewers in December, I was told that the date was June 1. 

Loe, who signed a Minor League contract with Milwaukee in December, is 4-2 with a 2.70 ERA entering his scheduled start Thursday at Sacramento. Another Nashville starter, lefty Chris Capuano, has a May 29 opt-out that comes the day after Capuano’s scheduled start at home against the Iowa Cubs.
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As well as Loe’s pitching, it’s hard to believe we couldn’t use him at the major league level. And that goes double for Chris Capuano, though I do understand why the team would be a little leery due to Cappy’s setbacks in rehab (knowing full well Cappy’s dedication to taking care of his body — he always was very well-trained and conditioned with the Brewers).

I think we need both of these guys at the major league level, and as starters. I am not sold on Narveson as a starter at this point in time (and have felt this way since Spring Training, so his iffy start tonight really isn’t why I feel this way), I really am uncertain about Parra (mostly because I think the team has mishandled him, and if Parra finds success it’s likely to be with another team), and Dave Bush belongs in the bullpen at this point also. (Bush at least has experience there, and if Hoffman cannot do the job as closer, maybe Bush _can_.)

If I were one of the Brewers “brain trust,” I’d be looking to trade Narveson and Parra to the American League (even though Parra in particular hits well, maybe focusing on only one thing will actually help the poor man). And it’s not that they don’t have potential — they do, and in spades, the pair of them. It’s just that if we are to salvage this season, we can’t wait for their potential — we need effective major league starters _now_ who can pitch at least seven innings _every single start_ or at least get us into the seventh before we need a reliever.

Right now, we only have two starters who have been at all reliable — Gallardo and Wolf — and even the two of them have had very high pitch counts and have had to exit games before getting into the seventh inning far too often. (I believe Davis, if his health improves, will settle down if his defense actually gives a good try to field the ball behind him. I’d keep Davis even if he weren’t injured as he is a proven major league starter who in general does eat innings.) This is why I’d find a way to bring up Cappy and Loe both, _as starters_, while demoting Bush to the bullpen and trading both Parra and Narveson.

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