Macha shakes up lineup

In an apparent attempt to keep a hitter with a high on-base percentage batting second, Brewers manager Ken Macha threw a few wrinkles in his lineup once again on Sunday.

After batting catcher George Kottaras second on Saturday, another Brewers hitter got the nod in the two hole on Sunday. With Kottaras on the bench as Jonathan Lucroy catches for Randy Wolf, left fielder Ryan Braun was bumped up from batting No. 3 to No. 2
The rest of the lineup remained the same, but with everyone moving up a spot as well, including Wolf. Shortstop Alcides Escobar was ninth, behind the pitcher’s spot.
Here’s the lineup:
Weeks  2B
Braun  LF
Fielder  1B
McGehee  3B
Hart  RF
Gomez  CF
Lucroy  C
Wolf  P
Escobar  SS
— Jordan Schelling, Associate Reporter


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