Coffey sent home for tests on thumb

Still unable to pitch because of a bruised right thumb, Brewers reliever Todd Coffey was sent home to Milwaukee late Friday for further tests to determine whether he is a candidate for the 15-day disabled list.
Coffey hurt his thumb in a May 29 at-bat against the Mets at Miller Park and had hoped to miss only a few games, but reported continued discomfort in the joint and was unable to properly throw his pitches, particularly his slider. He saw a specialist while the team was in Florida, and this weekend was to be examined in Milwaukee by the Brewers’ head physician, Dr. William Raasch. 
“He got jammed hitting and it’s been tender,” said Brewers head athletic trainer Roger Caplinger, who was given the OK to speak to reporters by manager Ken Macha. “It has incrementally improved, but not to where he can ‘go.’ So we felt he had to go see our physician. We wanted to have Dr. Raasch give us his interpretation of that. … 
“If you’re a hitter, you just pad your glove up, you pad your bat up. If you’re a pitcher, you can’t do anything.”
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