Suppan issues a statement

The following is a statement from RHP Jeff Suppan, who was released by the Brewers today:   
“I want to thank Mark Attanasio and Doug Melvin for all they have done for my family and me, especially how they handled this situation.  I’ve played with a number of organizations, and the Brewers are one of the classiest.
“When I signed in 2007, I was committed to winning, and to this day I still am.  Nobody is more disappointed than I am with how things have turned out.  I enjoyed my time here in Milwaukee as both a player and a member of the community.  As such, I will continue my involvement with Brewers Charities for the remainder of the 2010 season.  My commitment to this cause and the people it serves is unwavering.
“I wish the Brewers organization, its fans and especially my teammates all the best.”
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glad this was handled with class. be well on your new way, good sir!

I’m glad this didnt get ugly. Jeff is one of the most fan-friendly players in the majors. He’s hooked me up with countless baseballs and memorabilia. He signs autographs for everyone and loves to be around the fans. Its a shame it didnt pan out. Soup, best of luck with your next endeavor(s).

-Ballhawk Shawn

1. Get rid of Marmol, I agree see if we can get something good for him, but wait until the good names are off the mkaret2. Keep Bozo to start the season, maybe he can get off to a good start, get us a good return at the trade deadline. Here’s another idea: next fit Logan Morrison throws, go to the Marlins and tell them we’ll take him off their hands if they take Bozo. Then he can be reunited with his clown college roommate Ozzie. Anyone who talks and acts like a clown ought to play for the Marlins so they can also look the part.3. We’re stuck with Soriano unfortunately. Just keep him on the bench, he’s a sunk cost.4. Don’t bother with Yu Darvish. These Japanese players are unproven commodities. We just went through 4 years and 50M of Fukudome. The day after he had the winning hit in his bobblehead night, he has been garbage, although he did deal the White Sox playoff hopes a damaging blow after being traded.5. Give him a chance at the majors, but don’t rush him. Call him up in June maybe. Hopefully with Theo here, things will be the same from single A all the way to the majors.

Good luck Soup, and thanks for always supporting the troops!

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