Attanasio on payroll, post-Suppan

Brewers principal owner Mark Attanasio said the decision to absorb a $10 million hit by releasing Jeff Suppan on Monday won’t affect the team’s ability to add players in midseason trades. But that’s only if the team begins to perform better on the field. 

“Honestly, financial considerations were never part of the picture here,” Attanaso said. “I never called Doug [Melvin, Milwaukee’s GM] and said, ‘Gee, for financial reasons, we can’t make a move here. It was always Doug’s call as to what we do with players on the roster. 
“This seems a little hard to say at 11 games under .500 here, but if we can climb back it’s not to say that we wouldn’t add players and add payroll at midseason. But we have to get back to .500 first.” 
Attanasio was particularly close with Suppan and called the pitcher on Monday. 
“Whenever we end up separating with a player I’m fond of, or even a player I’m not fond of, I usually like to call and say thank you,” Attanasio said. “I thanked him for how hard he worked. Doug [Melvin, Milwaukee’s general manager] said this, and it’s true, that without Jeff going 5-0 [in September 2008] we don’t make the playoffs.
“Now, I know the fans, and frankly we, too, say it’s not 2008, it’s 2010, and we need to be better now. Jeff was as disappointed as anyone in his inability to get the job done here. Hopefully, a change of scenery helps him get back to where he was before.” 
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