Piniella gives Edmonds high praise

Cubs manager Lou Piniella had plenty of nice things to say about Brewers center fielder Jim Edmonds. 
“He did a real nice job here,” Piniella said of Edmonds, who played for the Cubs in 2008. “He came here sometime mid May and he did a very professional job and it was appreciated. He hit 18, 19 home runs and did well in center field. He’s an amazing athlete. 
“Give him credit. He’s had a wonderful career. You’ve got to have some talent when you can sit out a year like he did and still perform at the Major League level.”
Piniella seemed most impressed by Edmonds’ abilities in center field.
“He basically intimidates you as a center fielder,” Piniella said. “When I played, the Orioles had a center fielder named Paul Blair and he played shallow. You didn’t want to hit the ball that way because you knew you were out. 
“With Edmonds, it’s the same way. He got after that ball. If you hit it in his vicinity, you were out.”
— Jordan Schelling, Associate Reporter

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