Hart bumped up to No. 2, Lucroy starts again

Brewers manager Ken Macha continues his search for the right combination at the top of the order, moving red hot slugger Corey Hart into the No. 2 hole behind Rickie Weeks.

Hart will bat second for the fourth time this season, while Weeks moves back to the leadoff spot after batting second in each of the last two games.
Aside from continuing the Prince Fielder-Ryan Braun switch, and starting rookie Jonathan Lucroy for the second straight game, the rest of the lineup is the same:
Weeks  2B
Hart  RF
Fielder  1B
Braun  LF
McGehee  3B
Gomez  CF
Lucroy  C
Escobar  SS
Narveson  P
— Jordan Schelling, Associate Reporter



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