Counsell, Kottaras in starting lineup

It’s Family Day at Miller Park, which means the infield is filled with the likes of Yovani Gallardo Jr. and Jaden and Haven Fielder, among others. 

Today’s lineup is mostly the same as it has been the last couple games, with two exceptions. At shortstop, Craig Counsell will start in place of Alcides Escobar and behind the plate, George Kottaras will start after sitting three consecutive days.
Here’s the rest of the lineup:
Weeks  2B
Hart  RF
Fielder  1B
Braun  LF
McGehee  3B
Edmonds  CF
Counsell  SS
Kottaras  C
Gallardo  P
— Jordan Schelling, Associate Reporter

1 Comment

Kottaras should never ever ever ever ever start a game period. Keep calling 95 percent fastballs hitters will never catch on to that moron. Thanks Mark A. for linning your pockects while giving the finger to the honest hard workin people in this town that pay good money to see this garbage. Keep making Miller Park more and more Eliteiest way to turn your back on your fans A-HOLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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