Chuckie hacks

chuck_carr.jpgCorey Hart dressed at a famous locker at Angel Stadium this week, and probably didn’t even know it. 

Brewers traveling secretary Dan Larrea pointed out this morning that the famous “Chuckie Hacks” incident happened right here, in front of a locker near the entrance to the visitor’s clubhouse in Anaheim that was occupied for the last few days by Hart. Larrea is one of the few people who actually saw it happen. 
It was May 16, 1997, a 5-1 Brewers loss to Chuck Finley and the Angels. Carr led off the eighth inning with the Brewers down, 4-1, ignored a “take” sign and popped a 2-and-0 pitch weakly to third base. After the game, before reporters were let in, then-manager Phil Garner approached him in front of that locker and asked Carr what he was thinking. The response, as most Brewers fans know, was classic. 
“Chuckie don’t play that game,” he said. “Chuckie hacks on 2-and-0.”
It was Carr’s last at-bat for the Brewers, who released him with a .130 batting average. He finished the season, his final one in the Majors, with the Astros. 
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