Edmonds in center field against Twins

Center fielder Jim Edmonds, who was unavailable to play over the weekend due to a shoulder injury, is in the starting lineup Tuesday for the Brewers. 

Edmonds gets the start against Minnesota in place of former Twins center fielder Carlos Gomez, who batted just .105 on the last road trip. Gomez has struggled at the plate since impressing in his first game back from injury on May 21 at Target Field.
Here’s the rest of the lineup:
Weeks  2B
Hart  RF
Fielder  1B
Braun  LF
McGehee  3B
Edmonds  CF
Lucroy  C
Escobar  SS
Narveson  P
— Jordan Schelling, Associate Reporter


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That’s cool. An interesting front end to a dabasate. I had to force myself to stop exploring.It would be interesting to be able to browse to home runs by inning, by score, by whether his team eventually won the game. It would also be fun to find multiple home run performances, or which teammates and he have hit homer in the same game most frequently, and if I explored further I’d find more interesting cross sections of the data.

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