Gomez back in lineup vs. lefty Rodriguez

No surprises once again for the Brewers. The only change from Tuesday night to Wednesday afternoon is the lefty-righty swap in center field.

With lefty Wandy Rodriguez on the mound for the Astros, speedy Carlos Gomez is back in center for the Crew. As a result, veteran Jim Edmonds gets the day off after playing the first two games of the series.
Rookie catcher Jonathan Lucroy gets bumped up ahead of Gomez as usual, whereas he typically bats behind Edmonds. The rest of the lineup remains the same:
Weeks  2B
Hart  RF
Fielder  1B
Braun  LF
McGehee  1B
Lucroy  C
Gomez  CF
Escobar  SS
Bush  P
— Jordan Schelling, Associate Reporter


Macha was asked about any differences he noticed between Fiedler batting 4th and Fielder batting 3rd. Macha thought he was walking less. This is true. His avg is down a little. He’s walking a lot less, and hitting the ball a lot harder.

Sorry about the poor formatting:

Batting #3 92 12 23 4 0 8 13 11 2 21 0 0 .250 .343 .554 .897

Batting #4 193 34 51 9 0 9 22 37 9 51 1 0 .264 .406 .451 .857

mysterygirlxxxable he has donated money and raiesd awareness for many organizations and issues, such as food banks, make-a-wish, st. jude’s hospital, organizations that provide education and clean water to people in third-world countries, and the dangers of texting and driving. a portion of many things he’s sold (perfume, album, tour tickets, etc.) have also been donated. to you, a hospital visit by him may seem as a means of extra publicity, but i doubt the sick kids who have just met their idol see it as that

Baseball is different than just about any other sport. You need to be fsecoud, but also you need to be loose. Chemistry is important, and the Brewers seem to have good chemistry. And, if you folks think people like Trooper and myself bust balls, you don’t know what bull busting is until you sit on a bench in baseball. Ball busting is part of the culture, along w/ superstition[don’t wash your socks when you’re on a hitting streak] spitting and nicknames.Finally, an olive branch. I will refrain from busting the balls of Carol”Ditzy”Herman if she refrains from making ANY comments about baseball. That includes the incredibly inane one she made on this thread. No references to baseball, no comments on a baseball thread. I realize this is probably futile. But, I’m trying to be the adult.

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