Kottaras, Counsell in starting lineup

It’s Cerveceros Day at Miller Park and the Brewers are looking to win back-to-back games for the first time since winning five in a row from June 20-25.

As they do so, they’ll once again be without the services of rookie catcher Jonathan Lucroy, who is out with a sore right hand. Lucroy’s fellow rookie, Alcides Escobar also is out of the lineup.
In place of Lucroy and Escobar will be catcher George Kottaras behind the plate and veteran infielder Craig Counsell at shortstop.
Aside from those changes, manager Ken Macha also flipped the spots of Ryan Braun and Prince Fielder once again, batting Braun third ahead of Fielder in the cleanup spot.
Here’s the lineup:
Weeks  2B
Hart  RF
Braun  LF
Fielder  1B
McGehee  3B
Counsell  SS
Gomez  CF
Kottaras  C
Bush  P
— Jordan Schelling, Associate Reporter

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