Hoffman talks trade deadline

Trevor Hoffman insists he’s not sweating Saturday’s non-waiver trade deadline. But if the Brewers do get an offer for the all-time saves leader, it’s very possible that Hoffman would have the final say.
Hoffman has a limited no-trade clause in his contract that blocks the Brewers from trading him to 25 of the 30 Major League teams without his consent. Hoffman talked about the existence of that clause on Wednesday morning, but said he didn’t know any of the details. 
He could be attractive to a team seeking relief. Hoffman has posted a 1.69 ERA over his last 15 appearances, including six consecutive scoreless outings. He’s signed through the end of his season, with a club option for 2011 that can be bought out for $500,000.  
“I haven’t even really thought about it,” Hoffman said. “I’m comfortable here. I think we’re a good enough ballclub to scratch back in this thing. If your mind starts to drift any other way, then I don’t think you’re ‘all-in’ with what we’re doing here. 
“I understand the adage from the time you’re coming up, that as you’re trying to make it with your particular club, there are 29 other teams scouting you. But if you have that kind of back-of-your-mind mentality, you’re going to sabotage yourself.” 
The Brewers plan to wait until Saturday to activate right-hander LaTroy Hawkins from the 60-day disabled list, just in case they trade one of their other relievers before that day’s 3 p.m. CT deadline.
“We think it’s close enough to that point so we’ll just wait and see,” general manager Doug Melvin said. “We don’t have anything currently on the table, but you never know what might come up.” 
Melvin said things were “all quiet” on the trade front Wednesday, making it even more likely that the two Brewers mentioned most often in rumors — first baseman Prince Fielder and right fielder Corey Hart — will stay put after Saturday’s deadline. 
But it’s possible that the Brewers will find a taker for one of their relievers. Hoffman would make sense, or perhaps Todd Coffey, since he has one more year of arbitration-eligibility after this one before he reaches free agency. 
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I think it makes sense to dish Hoffman at this point but they should hold on to Coffey. Let’s face it, this season is in the books. Melvin says it’s quiet on the trade front because he isn’t talking to people. Trades are happening, just not with Doug Melvin. Here’s one: Trade Braun for 2 pitchers and left fielder with a bat. Preferably a left fielder that is concerned only with baseball…not menu’s and table cloths. I’m tired of Melvin sitting on his hands and these guys getting shelled night in and night out because they have limited talent on the mound and at the plate. If you want to see a trade before the deadline, then here you go. Melvin for Andy Mac Phail and Macha for Sweet Lou Pinnela. Then you would have something to look forward to…next year. Last night I drove 3 and 1/2 hours (1 way) to see a Brewers team that couldn’t beat the La Crosse Loggers. I’m done because they are. I won’t care more than they do…See ya next year!

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