Quiet Trade Deadline for Brewers

We’re less than 30 minutes from the nonwaiver Trade Deadline and it appears the Brewers might let it pass without any deals. We’ll chat with Gord Ash later today about the team’s activity over the last 24 hours.

First baseman Brett Wallace, called-up to replace the departed Lance Berkman, is in Houston’s lineup as the No. 6 hitter. The Brewers’ lineup looks like this:
Rickie Weeks  2B
Corey Hart  RF
Prince Fielder  1B
Ryan Braun  LF
Casey McGehee  3B
Jonathan Lucroy  C
Alcides Escobar  SS
Carlos Gomez  CF
Dave Bush  RHP
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earlier, in the case of Baron and hopefully Littlewood, strtniag the season with a team rather than working out in extended Spring Training is far more helpful for their development. If things don’t work out, then that’s when you send them back down a level to mature. But you’ve got to give them the opportunity to succeed or struggle, not deny them the experience.Paxton’s signing, if nothing else, creates more competition amongst an already fantastic group of minor league pitchers. As with every other name out there, where he fits into the system will depend on what he does this Spring. Being 22 years old and having pitched three seasons at Kentucky might make him a candidate for High Desert or Jackson, but if he’s in our rotation alongside Fernandez and Seco, the rest of the league should take notice. Three high-ceiling pitchers, regardless of left or right-handed are more than welcome here in Clinton.

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