Gamel makes RF debut, will also play 1B

Brewers third base prospect Mat Gamel made his first career start in right field on Saturday for Triple-A Nashville, and it’s not the only new position being added to his repertoire. 

Gamel will continue to primarily play third base, but starts in right field and at first base will be “sprinkled” into his schedule, assistant general manager Gord Ash said, in an effort to speed Gamel’s ascension to the Majors and cover the Brewers in case they trade away right fielder Corey Hart or first baseman Prince Fielder. 
“You don’t want to limit your options,” Ash said. “I went there three weeks ago or so and we talked about the fact that in order for him to come to the big leagues and get at-bats, he’s going to have a play a few different places. So we’ve gone from the practice to games.”
Gamel has been practicing in the outfield and at first base for weeks. The Brewers are in the beginning stages of a similar project with 2008 first-round Draft pick Brett Lawrie, a primary second baseman. Lawrie has been taking grounders at third base and also working in the outfield. 
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