Two Minor League affiliations left to settle

The Brewers signed a player development contract extension with rookie-level Helena on Tuesday that runs through 2012. In May, they signed a similar deal with advanced Class A Brevard County that covers the same years. The Brewers are already under contract with “low” Class A Wisconsin through 2012.

But the team’s deals with its top two affiliates expire after this season, and both Double-A Huntsville and Triple-A Nashville were in the news today. 
— In this piece from the Huntsville Times’ Mark McCarter, he reports “indications are that the parent club is interested in exploring options elsewhere because of dissatisfaction with Joe W. Davis Stadium.” If Milwaukee doesn’t return, McCarter speculated, the most likely potential major league affiliates for Huntsville are the Angels, Reds, Tigers, Padres, Giants or Mariners.
More from McCarter:
Currently 22 of the 30 Class AA working agreements have been renewed or are in the process of renewal. (They are done so on even-numbered years, for either two- or four-year terms.) Four Southern League teams have announced renewals in the past two weeks, leaving Huntsville, Carolina (Cincinnati Reds) and West Tenn (Seattle Mariners) unsigned. Major league teams can shift their affiliations among the three Double-A leagues.
Teams must notify their respective league offices by Sept. 11 if they do not plan to renew their player development contracts, then there is a period from Sept. 16-30 where potential new deals may be negotiated; there are stiff fines for negotiating with new teams outside that two-week window.
It is clearly a situation where Huntsville’s ownership will be wooing the Brewers once Prentice can begin discussions with Milwaukee Executive Vice President/General Manager Doug Melvin and his chief aide, Gord Ash.
“We’d certainly love to have the Brewers back,” Rogers said. “They’re one of the classiest organizations around.”
Brewers’ officials have grown weary of the lack of response by Huntsville and Stars ownership for improvements to the 26-year-old stadium since the Brewers began their relationship with the Stars in 1999.
“Obviously there are certain areas that need to be addressed with the facility at Joe Davis,” said Scott Martins, business manager for the Brewers’ minor league operation. “It’s a stadium that has had relatively little maintenance. There are few stadiums that old that haven’t undergone some major renovation. I think anybody who has been to any other park and then to Joe Davis knows there are issues that need to be addressed.”
— I’ve heard that the Brewers are pretty happy with some of the improvements made at Triple-A Nashville, though “historic” Greer Stadium is also in need of more work. This story from The Oklahoman newspaper says the Brewers could leave Nashville and move to Oklahoma City, which expects to lose the Rangers. 
(Editorial comment: The key word in that story is, “could.” The way I read it is this: City losing its affiliate, needs another, reporter looks around for outdated stadiums, connects dots. Perhaps I am reading that wrong, but it looks like speculation to me. Doesn’t mean there’s not fire behind the smoke, but I’d hold off on fitting Brett Lawrie for an Oklahoma City jersey for now.)
Anyway, both situations are worth watching after the season comes to a close. 
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