Gomez wants CF job back


Carlos Gomez was back at Miller Park on Saturday, anxious to reclaim his role as the Brewers’ starting center fielder. 
Not so fast. 
Gomez took batting practice with the team and said he had no effects at all from the Aug. 3 beaning that sent him to the disabled list, but the Brewers did not immediately make a place for him on the 25-man roster. So Gomez remained in limbo while the team continued its series against the Padres. 
“The best I can tell you is he’s eligible to come off, and when we figure out if he’s ready to go or our corresponding move, we’ll let you know,” manager Ken Macha said. 
Gomez was anxious to return to active duty, saying. “They know I’m ready.” He was even more anxious to take back his spot as the regular center fielder, a role that went to rookie Lorenzo Cain in Gomez’s absence. Cain entered Saturday’s start batting .375 with a .422 on-base percentage in his first 14 games. 
In his 75 games with the Brewers, Gomez is batting .228 with a .286 on-base mark. 
Asked about the logjam, Gomez said, “I don’t have any opinion. The only opinion I have is that when I get my time, I’m going to show [the Brewers] that I’m not a backup. I’m 24 years old. I’m the center fielder, and I have to take my job again.” 
Gomez played eight games for Triple-A Nashville on a rehabilitation stint and batted .286 (8-for-28) with a .412 on-base percentage thanks to five walks. He worked one-on-one daily with Sounds hitting coach Sandy Guerrero. 
“I didn’t go there for vacation,” Gomez said. “I went there to come [back] here ready to finish the last month and a half of the season really good. The season is not done yet. I only have [246] at-bats, and when you get a couple games of two, three base hits, then you’re hitting .260. I’m not going to say I’ve had a bad year because you can go two, three games 2-for-4, 3-for-4, and then you’re hitting .260 and that’s not a bad year. You have to finish hard. Right now, the only thing I need is a little more time to play and show them I’m the center fielder, not a backup.” 
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