Macha eyes Marlins series for Rogers start

Newly-recalled right-hander Mark Rogers is expected to make his Major League debut out of the Brewers’ bullpen but could see a start before the end of the season. Manager Ken Macha would prefer to avoid starting a rookie in a game with postseason implications, so he is eyeing the Brewers’ Sept. 23-29 series against the Marlins. That happens to fall in a stretch of 17 straight games without an off-day, so Macha could use Rogers to give his other five starters and extra day of rest. 
Rogers, meanwhile, is hoping to use his stint with the Brewers as a springboard to 2011.
“I’d like to try to make this team out of camp next year,” Rogers said. “That’s my ultimate goal, and this is another tool to prepare myself for Spring Training next year. I’m up here to learn, and I’m extremely excited about it. It’s another step in the right direction. … 
“I’ve been healthy all year, and that was the main goal, to make my starts every fifth day. I was able to do that. That’s a huge stepping stone for me.” 
For more of Rogers’ post-callup comments, check out a bit later tonight. 
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