More thoughts on golf, pitching from Peterson

When asked a simple question about the changes Randy Wolf has made since the beginning of the season, Brewers pitching coach Rick Peterson had plenty to say.

His wealth of information on the subject was particularly interesting considering the subtlety of the change in Wolf’s delivery.
“I wouldn’t even call it a change. I’d call it a very subtle adjustment,” Peterson said.
Nonetheless, Peterson went on for a few minutes about Wolf and the relationship between golf and pitching. Here are some additional thoughts that were not included in today’s story on
“You try to pinpoint what it is that’s causing him to [struggle]. It’s either something in his delivery or it’s something in his concentration level, and it wasn’t anything in his concentration level. Randy prepares at as high a level as anybody can prepare. He’s totally dedicated and committed.
“The only thing that we really talked about was tempo. One of the things that Randy shared with me in Spring Training was that he wanted to make sure his tempo remained slow.”
“Randy’s an athlete. He’s very athletic, and everything that he does, including his golf swing, really has an athletic upbeat tempo. Yet his delivery is just so slow that maybe if we speed up the tempo a little bit, that will allow him to be more on time and allow him to better execute pitches.
“It’s amazing at this level how subtle the difference can be. If you take a look at games, even as some of our guys have gone through struggles, out of 100 pitches, it’s not 15 pitches that they’re off, it’s maybe three or four, and there goes your whole game.”
“When you hear golfers talk about their golf swings, they can be like elusive mistresses sometimes. You can’t really figure out what it is, but they’ve always got a coach with them. 
“They’ve got a coach right there with them before every tournament. Golf and pitching are very similar in that way. The differences are just so subtle in both.”
— Jordan Schelling, Associate Reporter


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