Dickerson cites loose turf for hamstring pull

The Brewers expect outfielder Chris Dickerson to miss the team’s remaining five home games after he slipped on some loose turf in Tuesday’s loss and strained his left hamstring. 
Asked how he felt Wednesday afternoon, Dickerson said, “I feel like I got kicked by a donkey.” 
He blamed the injury on a loose chunk of center field grass at Miller Park, where the grounds crew recently replaced a swath of turf that had worn out over the summer. The ballpark, with its retractable roof and high walls, has proven a very difficult place to grow grass over its 10 seasons. 
Dickerson, who was hurt when he broke back on a double over his head, thinks it’s a problem that needs to be addressed. 
“You you come out there with me right now, we could pick up a square and walk off with it,” he said. “It was so noticeable last night that guys in [the Reds] bullpen were yelling at me last night going, ‘What the heck is going on out there?’ There were huge divots. Every first step, we were taking huge chunks out.” 
Manager Ken Macha said he expected Dickerson to miss about five days. That would coincide with the season’s remaining homestand. The Brewers will finish the year next week at New York and Cincinnati. 
Macha took a moment to praise longtime head groundkeeper Gary Vanden Berg and the rest of the Miller Park crew. 
“Every place has issues,” Macha said. “In Oakland, they play football games and the outfield is a disaster. The people here, they do a great job with the field.”
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