Braun, McGehee bump up in order

Interesting Brewers lineup for the finale of a series of Citi Field, where it’s windy but still dry at the moment. The onset of these awful storms keeps getting pushed back, so perhaps we’ll get a window. 

Casey McGehee, stuck on 99 RBIs for his past seven games, is up to third in the order, ahead of Prince Fielder. I remember twice in this span that McGehee doubled with Fielder at first base and the big fella couldn’t score. But how Fielder is hitting in front of Corey Hart, who also has 99 RBIs. 
We’ll see what Ken Macha has to say about it. In the meantime, here’s the lineup:

Rickie Weeks  2B

Ryan Braun  LF
Casey McGehee  3B
Prince Fielder  1B
Corey Hart  RF
Lorenzo Cain  CF
Alcides Escobar  SS
Jonathan Lucroy  C
Chris Narveson  LHP
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