Report says Brewers would move Cain

The Brewers already have one new pitcher for their rotation, but aren’t done shopping at the Winter Meetings. 
The deal for Toronto right-hander Shaun Marcum was not yet official on Monday when AOL Fanhouse, citing a Major League source, reported that the Brewers were “interested in moving” 24-year-old center fielder Lorenzo Cain, who had a successful second-half-stint with the Brewers in 2010. 
That’s not surprising. General manager Doug Melvin has made it clear that almost anybody is available in trades, given the Brewers’ need for pitching. The team could conceivably part with Cain because they have other options in center field, albeit some questionable ones. Carlos Gomez has been slow to reach his potential, but he’s an excellent defender and just turned 25 on Saturday. Chris Dickerson and Brandon Boggs are on the roster as backups, and, in the Minors, the team remains very high on center fielders Logan Schafer and Caleb Gindl, though Schafer’s 2010 season was marred by a groin injury. 
Cain missed time in 2009 with a knee injury but bounced-back in a big way in 2010, hitting .317 with a .402 on-base percentage and 26 stolen bases in 84 games at the Double-A and Triple-A levels and then .306 with seven steals 43 games in the big leagues. 
He was Milwaukee’s 17th round Draft choice in 2004 and did not play baseball until high school. Cain will turn 25 shortly after Opening Day. 
As of Monday morning, the Brewers and Blue Jays were still putting the finishing touches on a trade that would send Marcum, Toronto’s Opening Day starter, to Milwaukee for infield prospect Brett Lawrie. The deal was expected to be official by the end of the day. 
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I would be sad to see Cain go he was a real treat to watch last year. Speed is important and hoping that if Cain is traded we don’t loose something that the Brewers are and have been in need of. I am also interested in the Washburn news front. Are the Brewers still interested even if they do end up with Marcum?

I must say out of all the depth in center field Cain looks the best. Speed, fielding and a good bat. Gomez gets two out of three, but his best chance of getting on base is bunting and that only rarely works. Dickerson didn’t impress me at all. Keep Cain move the rest. Maybe keep Boggs and the minor leaguers to see if they can step up later.

I think the lawrie trade was needed, but unless they get another #2 or 3 pitcher, I would not give up Cain. He could be the CF of their future for the next 7-8 years! I know he is more desirable then Gomez, but Gomez is the guy to try and use in a trade.

Like everyone said before me, it would be a huge disappointment to see Lorenzo go! There were so many jaw-dropping occasions where he made incredible plays. Especially during the Brewers last home series against the Marlins, in which he was applauded along with a couple well deserved standing ovations. Like “crewdog” said, he is the Brewers future, and could be here for years to come. It would suck to see him traded for someone mediocre when he is exceptional.

I am stunned to see any article about shopping Cain. Please tell Melvin not to do that, even for another pitcher. There is other bait we have for that.(Prince, Gomez, …) Cain is quick with his bat, sees the ball well and knows the strike zone. He is a hitter. Bat control is hard to get. And he has great speed and heart defensively as well. By comparison, Gomez is an easy strikeout who shows he is intimidated in most at bats. It is just a question of which way he strikes out and how mad he will look afterwards.

If Melvin trades Cain and keeps Gomez, he better hand in his resignation letter with the trade form. ‘Lo gets on base, a patient hitter who is still perfecting his craft at the major league level, and we get him at a huge discount for a few years to come. Gomez? another Bill Hall– except Gomez has bounced to his 3rd team now without showing he has learned a bit of what coaches try to drill into him to be the on-base guy you need. Plus he takes too many “Willie Mays Hayes” chances on D. If he weren’t such a hotdog and made himself coachable he’d be worth something. As of now he’s just a dead weight project.

It’s easy to play armchair-GM, but you’ve all laid out the exact reason why Cain is trade bait. Every GM in the league knows that Cain has a bigger upside. Trading Gomez would bring us no return. Melvin has to decide if the value added to the club from Cain/Gomez is greater than the acquired pitcher/Cappy or whoever would fill that role otherwise.

Don’t get me wrong, I want to see Cain takeover CF, but you have to be realistic.

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