Hoffman still wants to close

ESPN.com’s Buster Olney heard that all-time saves leader Trevor Hoffman is telling teams he still wants a chance to be a closer in 2011. It’s getting more difficult to find potential landing spots since Arizona signed J.J. Putz to a two-year deal last week and the Padres intend to keep Heath Bell in that role. 

Might the Dodgers be a fit? It seems they aren’t thrilled with Jonathan Broxton, and recently-signed veteran Vicente Padilla is being mentioned as a possible closer. Hoffman seriously considered the Dodgers before he signed with Milwaukee two winters ago, and spacious Dodger Stadium could be a nice fit. 
Just a thought. There’s also the possibility that Hoffman will decide to retire if he doesn’t find a good match. He turned 43 in October.
Hoffman was a Type B free agent who was offered arbitration and declined per a pre-arranged deal. That means if he signs a Major League contract with another club this winter, the Brewers will reap an extra pick between the first- and second rounds of next year’s Draft. 
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What are Trevor Hoffman’s options if he doesn’t get hired to close ballgames? Would an offer to coach pitchers be of interest to him? His approach to the game, and particular pitching, would serve his employer as a coach, (perhaps even a bench coach) very well! Would the Brewers be interested?

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