Three years for Pavano?

We heard during last week’s Winter Meetings that free agent Carl Pavano was looking for a contract in the neighborhood of fellow 34-year-old Ted Lilly’s three-year, $33 million deal with the Dodgers.’s Ken Rosenthal talked to one GM this week who said Pavano and agent Tom O’Connell are holding that line: They want three years, the GM told Rosenthal, with an average annual value in the $10-$11 million range. 

The Brewers do not want to guarantee more than two years. The same goes for the Nationals, according to Rosenthal, who wrote that the Rangers, still stinging from Cliff Lee’s decision to sign with Philadelphia, “are not on Pavano.” 
So, we’ll have to see whether Pavano’s most recent team, the Twins, are willing to go to three years to keep him. As for the Brewers, GM Doug Melvin told reporters yesterday that he spoke on Monday with O’Connell but had yet to extend an offer.
What do you think? Given the Brewers’ need for pitching, would you be willing to stretch to three years for someone like Pavano? If the answer is no, what’s your better option?
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Could the brewers offer him a 2 year contract and maybe a mutual option for the 3rd year?

Me and you both know that giving Pavano a 3 year deal out of faith is probably not the smartest move. It doesn’t matter that he’s been a good pitcher the last two years – if we want to include his past as a rationale for hiring him, we might as well include the past for not hiring him. We can’t discard what happened with the Yankees. The threat isn’t just that he’ll get old and forget how to pitch, but also that he’s getting old enough that he’s more prone to injuries, which means he’s much more capable of making an excuse. I’d rather see a potentially poorer Brewers team next year than have someone on the team that I don’t care for. Who else? I think they should agressively pursue Capuano (relatively speaking) and let the younger guys start in AAA. When one of them has the potential to replace Narveson, or if Capuano blows up a couple weeks into the season, we’ll have some backups. Right now they have a very solid top three, which is much more than a lot of the other teams can say (Read: Angels, Yankees, Cubs, Mariners, Blue Jays, Royals, Indians, Pirates, Mets, Orioles, etc). I think Marcum (given that he isn’t hurt come opening day) might prove to be the best move Melvin has ever made. Just my two cents of course.

We should persue matt garza. He’s way better and we could sign him long term

We should persue matt garza. He’s way better and we could sign him long term

We should persue matt garza. We should have been tradeing from the beggining. Garza is better, younger and would probably agree to a contract extension

We should persue matt garza. We should have been tradeing from the beggining. Garza is better, younger and would probably agree to a contract extension

Brewers should explore trades for Garza and Blanton. A Garza trade is more likely to demand more in prospects than Blanton, which would be tough to swallow after giving up Lawrie already. Blanton would be a good option, but the Crew should push hard for Pavano if the Phillies ask too much in terms of prospects for Blanton. Basically, Garza and Blanton are better options than Pavano but the Crew has some payroll flexibility and should not give up the farm system to get either.


I’ve heard talk of a mutual option for a third year that would depend on Pavano’s performance over the first two years. That would make the most sense for both sides, I think.

Garza would be an amazing trade if the crew could land him. I’m not sure if the rays are interested in guys like Gomez or Gamel though. I’ve heard some rumors about them being interested in Cain however. Garza has the best career numbers and is the youngest. Brewers would definitely be a contending team if they can get him

Yes, Garza would be the best option, but I’m guessing the Rays’ asking price would be too high in terms of prospects. Losing Cain would be tough, but worth it if traded for someone like Garza. If that were to happen we would all have to hope Gomez gets his act together at the plate, or that Dickerson earns the everyday center fielder spot, or that they at least make up a somewhat productive platoon.

I think Garza is a far better option than Pavano. Pavano is too risky, and this may be one of the better years to be competitive in the Central Division. Further, I would like to see the Brewers do an all courts press on a real strong, long term prospect, such as the Ray’s Hellickson. Although he is a candidate to join the Ray’s starting rotation, their ratation is already strong enough to consider trading Garza. Right now is the time to trade, if Doug Melvin could be aggressive in trading. The Rays need a good hitting first baseman, and a super fast defensive outfielder. Since signing Prince is iffy, we could also consider adding a good rookie pitcher to make the trade worthwhile to both parties.
Melvin needs to jump on this, before something disrupts the potential benefit to both teams. Such opportunities don’t often fall in our laps!

No, not Pavano, not for even one year. The Brewers should identify the best candidates to fill their needs, rank order them, and pro-actively shake the market until they get what they need. It worries me that our management seems to react only to those players left after the more aggressive managers get the players that best meet their needs. Atanasio (sp) has shown that he would increase the payroll for the right candidates. Pavano would’t make us a sure contender, such as Grienke or Hellickson would. Proactively market the team, which is one good pitcher away from a sure contender. The fan attendence of a true contender will make up the difference that cost.

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