Hoffman at a career crossroads

Hoffman7.jpgFor those who missed it over the past two days, we featured Trevor Hoffman’s 600th save as part of MLB.com’s 10 for ’10 series, highlighting the biggest moments of 2010. I spoke to Hoffman just before the holiday and he had some interesting things to say about his future as 2011 loomed. 

Right now, the offers are sparse. But Hoffman, a light-hitting shortstop who converted to pitching in 1991 and made his mark over 16 seasons with the San Diego Padres, still isn’t resigned to retirement.
His best fit might have been with the D-backs, but they signed closer J.J. Putz to a two-year deal during the Winter Meetings.
“Arizona got hot there for a little bit, but that closed when J.J. signed,” Hoffman said. “It seemed like a pretty good opportunity.
“I haven’t come to grips yet whether, if something comes along, I want to pitch. That needs to be cleared up first,” Hoffman said. “I’m kind of enjoying being normal and having an offseason. Usually, after only a few weeks you’re beginning the process again of getting your body in tune. I haven’t really engaged in the continual workouts like I’ve done in previous years, and it’s been a little refreshing. I’m hoping it will bring clarity into the decision.”
It’s not just the opportunity to play dad to sons Brody, Quinn and Wyatt. Hoffman has been having fun himself — golfing, surfing, playing tennis with Tracy and road biking up the California coast. He’s keeping his arm in shape by throwing batting practice to his kids.
If he’s done, he’ll always have 600. The Brewers presented Hoffman with a painting commemorating the milestone, and it hangs in a “dig me” hallway at Hoffman’s home with other memorabilia from his big moments.
“I would have been really miserable right now had I not been able to get there,” Hoffman said from his San Diego home. “That’s for sure.”
For more on Hoffman and the rest of out 10 for ’10 series, click over to Brewers.com.
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