Blog compiles composite Top 10 prospects

Rogers01 copy.jpg

It’s Top 10 prospect time, and Jim Breen of the Bernie’s Crew blog was smart enough to compile four of the most prominent lists into one composite, giving us a better look at how the top players in Milwaukee’s Minor League chain stack up. 
You can click through to Jim’s analysis for the details and his own thoughts about the depth of Brewers prospects, but for those interested in the bottom line, here are his results:
1 RHP Mark Rogers
2 RHP Cody Scarpetta
3 RHP Wily Peralta
4 RHP Kyle Heckathorn
4 OF Kentrail Davis
6 RHP Amaury Rivas
7 2B Scooter Gennett
8 OF Caleb Gindl
9 RHP Jimmy Nelson
10 RHP Tyler Thornburg
One side note: Jim isn’t convinced that there are any “premium” players there, but I’m not so sure. I’ve talked to baseball people who view Rogers as a frontline starter, though I understand Jim’s reservations about that injury history. Peralta could be that type of pitcher, too — there are Brewers officials who consider Peralta their top pitching prospect. 
Another aside: Outfielder Logan Schafer didn’t make the composite Top 10, and he appeared on only one of the four lists that Bernie’s Crew used to compile that list. Here’s betting that he shoots up those lists this year.
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