Bratwurst for life

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Scott Paulus/Brewers
The first winner in the Brewers “Fan-Tastic Forty” promotion was Gordon Liebl of A.L. Schutzman Company in Waukesha, who won Klement’s Sausage for a year. He received his first shipment on Wednesday from a five-man delivery team.
Liebl was entered in the contest by renewing his four full season tickets, an account that A.L. Schutzman Company has held since 1981. His son, Griffin accepted along with fellow A.L. Schutzman employee Linda Schenkelberg. That’s them with the racing sausages.   
The prizes will keep on coming over the next month-plus. For more information about what’s available, check out the ticketing section of
I’d pick No. 8, 13 and, of course, 40. Definitely NOT No. 35. 
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Just a reminder to everyone that you DON’T need to buy tickets to win these. There is a “no purchase necessary” aspect of the promotion – just enter via mail and save your money. No real reason to pay full price for tickets anyway…

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