First-round Draft order set

As pointed out by my colleague Jonathan Mayo, the Twins’ agreement with right-hander Carl Pavano set the first-round order for the 2011 First-Year Player Draft. Pavano was the last Type A free agent available on the market. 

The Brewers own two picks in the first round — 12th and 15th overall. Pick No. 12 is Milwaukee’s regularly-scheduled selection, and No. 15 is compensation for not signing their top pick from 2010, prep right-hander Dylan Covey. You’ll remember that Covey’s deal fell through after he was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. 
Here’s the first-round order, courtesy of Mayo:
1 Pirates
2 Mariners
3 D-backs
4 Orioles
5 Royals
6 Nationals
7 D-backs
8 Indians
9 Cubs
10 Padres
11 Astros
12 Brewers
13 Mets
14 Marlins
15 Brewers
16 Dodgers
17 Angels
18 Athletics
19 Red Sox
20 Rockies
21 Blue Jays
22 Cardinals
23 Nationals
24 Rays
25 Padres
26 Red Sox
27 Reds
28 Braves
29 Giants
30 Twins
31 Rays
32 Rays
33 Phillies
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Shouldn’t the Brewers actually have pick 17? And the Padres pick 11?

The Brewers are getting pick 14b to make up for not signing pick 14 in the 2010 draft. But because there are 2 compensation picks in front of the 2011 pick 14. The team that has the actual pick 14 this year will be picking at 16…So the Brewers should be picking at 17 no?

Nope, those compensatory picks are locked-in. Covey was the 14th overall pick last year, so the Brewers get the 15th overall pick this year as compensation, regardless of extra picks added to the draft order above that slot.

It’s the “regular” selections that get pushed down. In other words, the Brewers had the 10th-worst record last season, but they get bumped to No. 12 overall because of two compensatory picks shoved into the Draft order above them (D-backs at 7 for Barret Loux and Padres at 10 for Karsten Whitson). Confusing enough?

Maria La Vie Jolie – Thank you so much Megan! I had so much fun! Can’t wait to do the senior potarrits with him! And your son is definitely handsome!

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