Plate appearances could pay off for Weeks

Agent Greg Genske arrived at Maryvale Baseball Park this afternoon to sign his portion of Rickie Weeks’ contract extension, a deal that will keep Weeks in a Brewers uniform for at least the next four years and potentially five. 

The only trouble was figuring out what to call it. The Brewers, in their official announcement, termed it a four-year contract with a vesting option. Genske called it a five-year contract. 
That fifth year will only become guaranteed if Weeks makes at least 600 plate appearances in the fourth year — 2014 — or 1,200 plate appearances in 2013-14. He must also finish 2014 healthy, or, if he’s injured, get certification from a doctor that he will be ready for 2015. 
“I think it’s an ultimate compromise,” said Brewers assistant general manager Gord Ash, who handled negotiations with Genske. “Greg had always talked to us about the need to do five guaranteed years, and we had always talked about the need to do four years plus a vesting option.”
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