Champ visits Brewers camp

Scott Paulus/Brewers
Brewers players and coaches got a treat Wednesday morning when boxing legend Muhammad Ali visited Maryvale Baseball Park. 
The visit was coordinated by the Brewers Community Foundation and Athletes for Hope, a nonprofit founded in 2007 by an elite group of philanthropic athletes who inspire other pros to find a charitable cause and support it.  Ali’s wife, Lonnie, addressed the team before players and coaches posed for photos with the champ. 
“His wife said this, that with the personality that he had, he’s recognized around the world maybe more than any other person,” manager Ron Roenicke said. “[Players] are all getting their photos. Hey, this guy was incredible.” 
Here are some more images from team photographer Scott Paulus. Look for some video of the visit later on
Thanks to Scott Paulus for the shots. That’s Ali’s wife, Lonnie, in the orange blouse, watching Ron Roenicke present Ali with a Brewers jersey. And, of course, Hall of Famer Robin Yount shaking Ali’s hand in the final photo.
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Where’s Greinke in this photo? Don’t see him. Playin’ hoops?

There are some who entered the field of boxing and ended up becoming boxing legends that young men can look up to and aspire to be attraction throat

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