Gindl feeling better after scary moment

It appears that there is good news on Minor League left fielder Caleb Gindl, who sprained his right knee in a scary moment along the foul line Sunday.
Gindl was chasing what should have been Alcides Escobar’s second-inning double when he turned an ankle and tried to grab the top of the chain-link fence that separates the playing field from the visitor’s bullpen. Gindl happened to grab an unlocked gate and went right through it, twisting his knee. Gindl stayed down while Escobar circled the bases for an inside-the-park home run. Center fielder Carlos Gomez rushed over and signaled to the Brewers’ dugout for help.
Gindl was able to stand, and walked into the Royals bullpen to be examined. The Brewers said he would be evaluated Monday.
“Nothing too serious,” Gindl said after the Brewers’ wrapped-up a 7-5 win. “I feel a lot better now than I did down there, because down there the pain was pretty severe. I was really worried. Once I came inside and we got some ice on it, it was much better.”
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