Dickerson: 'Everybody wants to be a Yankee'

Chris Dickerson was feeling bittersweet Friday, when he packed a small box of belongings and hugged his now-former Brewers teammates including longtime friend Ryan Braun. The Brewers traded Dickerson to the Yankees for pitcher Sergio Mitre, and Dickerson figures to play while outfielder Curtis Granderson recovers from an oblique strain. 
“Nobody saw this coming,” Dickerson said. “It’s an opportunity [with New York], but being with these guys in the locker room here, the personalities, the talent, we all got the feeling there was something special for 2011. 
“It’s tough, but where one door closes, another one opens, I guess, to be complete cliche about it. It’s a game of supply and demand. I had a good time here, but how I have to look forward at what I have to do to help the next team succeed.
“It’s exciting. I think everybody, somewhere in his heart, wants to be a Yankee.”
Dickerson left Maryvale Baseball Park just after 9 a.m. local time to pack-up his Spring Training residence. He planned to travel overnight to Tampa to report to Yankees camp. 
It’s a reunion of sorts. Dickerson was drafted by the Yankees out of high school in the 32nd round of the 2000 Draft but attended the University of Nevada instead. Three years later, he went to the Reds in the 16th round. 
“That whole circle of life, I guess, brings me to New York,” he said. 
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